---------------------------------------------------------------------    Scanning electron micrograph of a biofilm  developed on a austenitic stainless steel submerged in a spent nuclear fuel pool. This biofilm can contribute to the bioremediation of radioactive water.    Materials and Corrosion 54, 535-540 (2003)    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 


4-9 September, 2005 - Madrid (SPAIN)

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  Publication in Int. Biodet. & Biodegradation
  0. The 13th International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Symposium: State-of-the-art in biodeterioration, biodegradation, and bioremediation
Page 107
Christine C. Gaylarde and Diego A. Moreno
  1. The function of sulfate-reducing bacteria in corrosion of potable water mains
Pages 108-111
A.D. Seth and R.G.J. Edyvean
  2. AFM study of the colonisation of stainless steel by Aquabacterium commune
Pages 112-118
R.T. Bachmann and R.G.J. Edyvean
  3. Lichen-like colonies of pure Trentepohlia on limestone monuments
Pages 119-123
Peter Gaylarde, Gelsa Englert, Otto Ortega-Morales and Christine Gaylarde
  4. Molecular characterisation of Halobacillus strains isolated from different medieval wall paintings and building materials in Austria
Pages 124-132
Katrin Ripka, Ewald B.M. Denner, Astrid Michaelsen, Werner Lubitz and Guadalupe Piñar
  5. Application of molecular techniques for identification of fungal communities colonising paper material
Pages 133-141
Astrid Michaelsen, Flavia Pinzari, Katrin Ripka, Werner Lubitz and Guadalupe Piñar
  6. A viscometric study of the biodegradation of photographic gelatin by fungi isolated from cinematographic films
Pages 142-149
C. Abrusci, D. Marquina, A. Del Amo, T. Corrales and F. Catalina
  7. Toward a definition of a bioreceptivity index for granitic rocks: Perception of the change in appearance of the rock
Pages 150-154
B. Prieto, B. Silva, N. Aira and L. Álvarez
  8. Biodeterioration of historic stained glasses from the Cartuja de Miraflores (Spain)
Pages 155-161
N. Carmona, L. Laiz, J.M. Gonzalez, M. Garcia-Heras, M.A. Villegas and C. Saiz-Jimenez
  9. Study of the structure of biodegraded wood using the water vapour sorption method
Pages 162-167
J. Chirkova, I. Irbe, B. Andersons and I. Andersone
  10. Ligninolytic enzymes can participate in a multiple response system to oxidative stress in white-rot basidiomycetes: Fomes fomentarius and Tyromyces pubescens
Pages 168-175
Magdalena Jaszek, Jerzy Żuchowski, Elżbieta Dajczak, Kamila Cimek, Marcin Gra̢z and Krzysztof Grzywnowicz
  11. Phenolic removal of olive-mill dry residues by laccase activity of white-rot fungi and its impact on tomato plant growth
Pages 176-179
E. Aranda, I. Sampedro, J.A. Ocampo and I. García-Romera
  12. Role of fragmentation activity in cellulose hydrolysis
Pages 180-185
Abdul Aala Najmus Saqib and Philip John Whitney
  13. Role of cyanobacteria in oil biodegradation by microbial mats
Pages 186-195
Olga Sánchez, Isabel Ferrera, Núria Vigués, Tirso García de Oteyza, Joan Grimalt and Jordi Mas
  14. Biodegradation of the herbicide diuron by streptomycetes isolated from soil
Pages 196-202
M.A. Castillo, N. Felis, P. Aragón, G. Cuesta and C. Sabater
  15. Investigation of substrate specificity of wildtype and mutant BphK (a glutathione S-transferase) from Burkholderia LB400
Pages 203-208
Martina McGuinness, Claire Ivory, Niamh Gilmartin and David N. Dowling
  16. Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol by Bacillus sp. isolated from an aeration pond in the Baikalsk pulp and paper mill (Russia)
Pages 209-212
Galina Matafonova, Galina Shirapova, Christian Zimmer, Friedrich Giffhorn, Valeriy Batoev and Gert-Wieland Kohring
  17. Isolation and characterization of indigenous thermophilic bacteria active in natural attenuation of bio-hazardous petrochemical pollutants
Pages 213-223
M.E. Mohamed, M. Al-Dousary, R.Y. Hamzah and G. Fuchs
  18. The biofiltration permeable reactive barrier: Practical experience from Synthesia
Pages 224-230
Lenka Vesela, Jan Nemecek, Martina Siglova and Martin Kubal
  19. Olive oil waste as a biosorbent for heavy metals
Pages 231-238
G. Martinez-Garcia, Robert Th. Bachmann, Ceri J. Williams, Andrea Burgoyne and Robert G.J. Edyvean
  20. Bacterial community changes in TCE biodegradation detected in microcosm experiments
Pages 239-247
Sára Révész, Rita Sipos, Anikó Kende, Tamás Rikker, Csaba Romsics, Éva Mészáros, Anita Mohr, András Táncsics and Károly Márialigeti
  21. Potential use of organomineral complex (OMC) for bioremediation of pentachlorophenol (PCP) in soil
Pages 248-253
Katarína Dercová, Zuzana Sejáková, Marianna Skokanová, Gabriela Barančíková and Jarmila Makovníková
  22. A suitable model to describe bioremediation of a petroleum-contaminated soil
Pages 254-260
Danielle M. Pala, Denize D. de Carvalho, José Carlos Pinto and Geraldo L. Sant’Anna, Jr.