---------------------------------------------------------------------    Scanning electron micrograph of a biofilm  developed on a austenitic stainless steel submerged in a spent nuclear fuel pool. This biofilm can contribute to the bioremediation of radioactive water.    Materials and Corrosion 54, 535-540 (2003)    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 


4-9 September, 2005 - Madrid (SPAIN)

International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation Society http://www.biodeterioration.org
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  Publications in Int. Microbiology


Moreno DA
The 13th International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Symposium
Full text in pdf(30 KB)

Laborda F
In memoriam Harold W. Rossmoore (1925-2003): a personal view
Full text in pdf(31KB)

Beech IB, Sunner JA, Hiraoka K
Microbe–surface interactions in biofouling and biocorrosion processes
Full text in pdf (742 KB)

Videla HA, Herrera LK
Microbiologically influenced corrosion: looking to the future
Full text in pdf (248 KB)

De los Ríos A, Ascaso C
Contributions of in situ microscopy to the current understanding of stone biodeterioration
Full text in pdf (447 KB)

González JM, Saiz-Jiménez C
Application of molecular nucleic acid-based techniques for the study of microbial communities in monuments and artworks
Full text in pdf (196 KB)

Martínez AT, Speranza M, Ruiz-Dueñas FJ, Ferreira P, Camarero S, Guillén F, Martínez MJ, Gutiérrez A, del Río JC
Biodegradation of lignocellulosics: microbial, chemical, and enzymatic aspects of the fungal attack of lignin
Full text in pdf (379 KB)

Demnerová K, Mackova M, Speváková V, Beranova K, Kochánková L, Lovecká P, Ryslavá E, Macek T
Two approaches to biological decontamination of groundwater and soil polluted by aromatics —characterization of microbial populations
Full text in pdf (90 KB)

Cases I, de Lorenzo V
Genetically modified organisms for the environment: stories of success and failure and what we have learned from them
Full text in pdf (429 KB)

Sarró MI, García AM, Moreno DA
Biofilm formation in spent nuclear fuel pools and bioremediation of radioactive water
Full text in pdf (543 KB)

Complementary Pages issue 8(3)
Full text in pdf (155 KB)